4 Vaping Mistakes You Need to Avoid

While vaping seems easy enough to do, there are a few common mistakes you must avoid to ensure you are getting the most out of your vape.

1. Not Changing Your Coil Regularly

Depending on the type of coil your device takes and how often you use your vape, the coils may last between 2 weeks to 2 months. If not looked after or used properly, your coils can burn out, which will leave a burnt taste in your mouth when vaping and is also bad for your health.

How to tell when to change your coil:

  • The juice tastes burnt when vaping on it.
  • It makes you cough
  • It’s been over 2 weeks since you last changed your coil.

Tips to make your coils last longer:

  • Using them at the correct wattage – all coils are only meant to be used at certain power ranges. This includes vaping at a wattage that is too low for your coil, as well as vaping at a wattage that is too high. Check the side of the coil for the recommended wattage.
  • Prime your coils – by letting your vape sit for at least 5 minutes you are allowing time for the cotton to soak up the juice, which will improve your vaping experience.
  • Cleaning your tank before putting in new coils.

2. Vaping the Same Flavour Over and Over Again

While you may have fallen in love with a particular flavour, sticking with the same juice may not be a good idea after all. Studies show that vapers that use the same juice over and over again tend to become immune to that flavour – in other words they can’t taste it as much as they used to, this is referred to as “vaper’s tongue”.  The best cure for this, is to always have a second flavour of e-liquid on hand to use, that way you’ll never get tired of the flavour.

3.Not Being Courteous

Like smoking, there are areas you can vape in and areas you can’t. While different cities have different laws, for example in New Zealand as of November 11th, 2020, vaping is strictly prohibited on the grounds of schools and early childhood centres. This goes for certain workplaces as well so it’s best to check with your workplace first as to whether you can vape on the grounds or not.

4. Not Doing Your Research First

Like they say, knowledge is power – especially when it comes to your health. If you are buying a vape or thinking of trying vaping for the first time, it is important that you do your research first. Find out what coils and battery will go with your tank, see what type of vape will suit your needs, see what nicotine strength is best for you etc. Even after you have purchased your vape, make sure you know how to take care of it. These are just minor things to think about so that you can get the best vaping experience possible. Ideally you want to pop into your local vape store or contact us online to discuss your vaping needs and we can recommend the best setup for you.

These are only a few of the many things you must be aware of when vaping, and as always, any questions or queries you may have, feel free to email and ask us! Our friendly team are happy to chat to you and will reply as soon as we can!

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