About Vaping

Vaping started as an alternative to Cigarettes. It’s been around much longer than you would think, with its origins dating back to 1963 when Herbert A. Gilbert, considered the inventor of the modern electronic cigarette patented a smokeless non-tobacco device. It however was not a great commercial success and disappeared from the market soon after.

In 2003 a Chinese Pharmacist, by the name of Hon Lik filed the first patent for a device that created a smoke-like vapour which delivered nicotine. The first e-cigarette was manufactured the following year in Beijing.

Today Vaping has evolved and is a growing in popularity all around the world. There is now a wide variety of Vape devices on the market and abundance of different flavours of e-liquid.

There is no research to prove Vaping is necessarily good for you and research is continuing as the popularity of Vaping grows. It is however widely believed that Vaping is 95% better for you than smoking cigarettes, as it doesn’t contain many of the poisonous chemicals found in cigarettes, therefore being a much healthier alternative to smoking.


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