The Dos And Don'ts Of Vaping

If you’re new to vaping, you might be finding it hard to navigate what to do and what not to do.

Obviously, you want to achieve the best flavours and life out of your juices and devices.

But, how can you make sure you do that?

Don’t worry – VAPEBOX has you covered with these not-so-obvious tips that are personally curated to help you switch effortlessly into vaping.

So, here we go - the Dos and Don’ts of vaping…

Don’t Grab The First Vape You See

When it comes to vapes, there are a lot of different options to choose from. You have Prefilled and Refillable devices, as well as plenty of flavour options with e-juices. And you should really know the key terms before you choose any device.

Basically, you don’t want to grab the first device you see and realise that it isn’t going to suit your needs. So, before you go rushing out to buy, do a bit of research on what kind of vape and flavours might be right for you.

Don’t Skimp On The Battery

Batteries are a key component of some vapes and not all batteries are created equally.

If you’re using a vape device that can hold different battery capacities, make sure to invest in the highest capacity for your device. If you make the mistake of getting a battery with low ampere hours, you’ll soon find out you spend more time charging the device than you do vaping!

Don’t Throw Out Juices That Taste Bad!

You’ll know immediately if you get a juice that tastes worse than that meal your mother used to make you eat when you were a kid! Obviously, If you are never going to pick it up again, that type of vape juice can go.

But, if you pick up a juice you have bought before or would usually like, but it tastes slightly ‘off’ in some capacity – keep them somewhere cool or ambient and don’t chuck them out! Move onto the next juice but keep these in the backlog to ‘steep’. In the vape world, ‘Steeping’ refers to letting your vape juice sit for a while to improve the flavour.

For a lot of juices, this can mean that this allows all of the components of the juice to mix well with the suspension of PG and VG in the mixture. Keep the juices you are ‘steeping’ out of direct sunlight but somewhere cool. You might find next time you pick up the juice several weeks from now that it’ll be perfect!

Do Keep The Tongue Guessing

Vaper’s tongue is a real phenomenon a lot of people experience when they vape one juice for a prolonged period. Found a juice you really love? Great – now try find another!

Vaper’s tongue refers to the way your tongue and brain begin to perceive the taste/stimulus of you vape over a long time. This means a lack of tasting your e-juice or perhaps thinking it tastes strange as your brain begins to dull the stimulus.

By throwing another juice you like into the mix every few days, you’re unlikely to feel any tasting fatigue from your juices.

Do Understand Why You Cough

For a lot of people swapping over to vaping from smoking, they will find they go into coughing fits if they inhale from their vape. But how could this be – I thought lungs would be hardened veterans from smoking cigarettes?

Well, the truth is smoking breaks down the cilia in your lungs. These are hair-like projects that line your bronchus and serve to move microbes and debris up out of your airways. Vapour is much cleaner than cigarette smoke, but what goes in has to come out! During the transition to vaping your cilia will still be recovering from smoking, and they will need time to return to help clear your airways.

Furthermore, you may need to adjust your nicotine or throat hit by changing the nicotine content of your juice or finding a vape juice with a different PG/VG ratio that will give you less impact on your throat.

Do Take A Break Between Puffs

Is your lunch break wrapping up? Don’t quickly chain puff like you would a smoke!

Unlike a traditional cigarette, it takes a while for the cotton in a vape to saturate. It may be hard to get used to if you were a prior smoker, but remember that vapour is expelled by heating up the liquid in the cotton of the coil, and this needs 10-30 seconds to prepare between each puff.

So, taking drags too quickly over a short while can quickly burn out your coil and ruin the flavour.

Do Stay Hydrated!

When taking up vaping, you will probably need to drink more water than you’re used to. The vapour in your device can dry out your mouth and throat. It can even give you cotton mouth if you’re not careful.

Why is the risk of dehydration greater when you vape? Both the PG and VG components in vape juice are hygroscopic, meaning that they absorb moisture from your body.

So, there you have it. The Dos and Don’ts of vaping! Are you guilty of some of these?

If so, and you need to restock your vape supplies, then head on over to our web store and get exactly what you need.

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