How to Store Your E-Liquid and Nicotine


To ensure you are getting the most out of your e-liquid, here are some tips, tricks and essential info to remember when storing your e-liquid and nicotine. Like all consumable products, e-liquid and nicotine have a shelf life too. This typically tends to between one and two years, although it can vary depending on the ingredients used.

Storage Tips

The three main things you need to remember are to avoid heat, light and air. These main components are what will decrease the quality of your juice. Here are some recommended tips to keep your e-liquid at its best.

Remember to:

  • Always put the lid back on your juice after you’re done using it, and make sure it is on tight enough so that it won’t leak.
  • Keep your e-liquid out of the sunlight.
  • Store your e-liquid away from light if possible.
  • Keep your e-liquid out of reach from children and pets.
  • Keep it in its original bottle.
  • Always shake the bottle before using it.

Heat, Light and Air

If nicotine is exposed to a high temperature, light or air then it is more likely to oxidize faster, and you may find that the liquid has also become thinner. As it is usually accompanied by heat, light also affects e-liquid in a similar way. Obviously, there is no way to keep your juice away from air completely, even in a sealed bottle, but it can be minimised; which is why putting the lid back on your e-liquid bottle after using it is strongly recommended.

Signs your e-liquid may have expired:

  • It smells different/weird
  • The colour has darkened
  • The flavour is weak
  • The texture has changed
  • The components in the juice have separated

If all these signs are clear and your e-liquid still isn’t tasting as it usually it would, expired vape juice may not be the problem. This could be the result of burned coils, an overused pod (these both depend on the type of vape you are using), a dry wick (cotton), or an incorrect wattage setting. Be sure to check these things before throwing out what could be a perfectly good e-liquid.

Should I Freeze My E-Liquid?

While many people find that freezing their e-liquid works well, it can be inconvenient compared to simply storing it a refrigerator or in a cool, dark place. The problem with freezing your juice is that the flavour may be less intense than it originally was, and the liquid may become thicker, so it may need to sit out of the freezer for a while before being used. There is no need to defrost your e-liquid as the VG and PG components will keep the e-liquid from freezing into a solid form.

Is Expired E-liquid Safe to Use?

Best before dates and expiration dates exist for a reason, and although vaping an expired juice is not dangerous, it is not recommended. The nicotine in an expired e-liquid will have most likely dried out, and the flavour will not be the same if there is any flavour left at all.

So, to summarise everything we have just said, it is best to keep your e-liquid away from heat, light and air, and away from children and pets. There are a few common signs that were mentioned earlier (but are not limited to) to help you determine whether your juice is expired, otherwise the general rule of thumb is that they have a shelf life of 1-2 years. If you are still unsure, you can always check with your local vape store, or message us as we are open to enquiries and questions 24/7 and will respond as soon as we can. 

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