Our top three reasons why vaping is the healthier alternative to smoking

In an age of information overload it can be difficult to establish truth and debunk the myths and common misconceptions about vaping. If you are contemplating making the switch from smoking to vaping, we get that it can be hard to navigate the fact from fiction. That's why we’ve shared our top three reasons to take the plunge, outlining all the health benefits from vaping over smoking. After reading these, making the switch will never be easier and you’ll wish you’d swapped sooner.

Safety and health benefits

With the average cigarette containing over 7000 harmful chemicals, 69 of those being known to cause cancer, switching to vaping means bidding farewell to all the nasty health consequences that come with smoking. With vaping there is no tar, ash or combustion involved, so the user can have an experience where they can reap some of the benefits of being smoke-free. Skin health, lung capacity and circulation are just a few of the health benefits to name from switching, with stained teeth and yellow fingernails being a thing of the past, with a vape in hand. Plus, the taste of berry milk pie or vanilla custard e-juice in your mouth won’t leave you with the horrible bad breath or odour associated with smoking, leaving you in a cloud of delicious aroma instead.


A bonus from making the switch from smoking to vaping is you’re guaranteed to get more for your dollar. With an ever expanding vaping market, finding the perfect vapor product for you and your budget has never been easier. With an extensive variety of vape products available at your fingertips, choosing your vape mod and e-liquid combo can be tailored to suit you and your financial needs. Instead of locking your money away in a pack of cigarettes for a costly set price, vaping allows you to mix and match products and prices whenever you please. Whether you’re looking to invest $20 or $200 in this relaxing habit, we’ll have an affordable product for you, that won’t cost you in the long run.

Control over nicotine use

With smoking, the user has no choice but to ingest large doses of nicotine per cigarette and has little control when it comes to nicotine. Alternatively, vaping does the opposite, giving the user freedom to decide. Having full control of your nicotine use and allows you to decide how much, or how little nicotine you want. With e-juice available in levels ranging from 6mg, 3mg to no nicotine at all, you can gradually eliminate nicotine from your day-to-day life if you desire, plus still enjoy the tasteful benefits of vaping. Having control over your nicotine use means you can enjoy vaping on your terms, not on the terms of nicotine.

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