Can Vaping Help You To Quit Smoking?

Smoking is bad. That has been a consistent message from health professionals for many years.

But, it can be incredibly hard to give cigarettes up.

The good news is that you don’t have to go cold turkey!

There could be a great solution. Vaping has helped hundreds of people drop their smoking habit.

Accessing nicotine-based vaping products in Australia is possible, you just need to understand the process. So, let’s look into it a little more now.

Can Vaping Help You To Quit Smoking?

A Substitute For Cigarettes

For decades, we have known that smoking cigarettes can cause a lot of health problems. Aside from the prominent lung damage and significantly higher risk of heart disease, some other notable effects of smoking are bad breath, faster aging, and fertility problems. In men, the risk of erectile dysfunction
increases the more a person smokes.

Many countries, like Australia, have throttled smoking availability, for it is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. Following suit, restrictions are now blossoming in the vaping industry within Australia, with nicotine vape products requiring prescriptions. Despite this, prescriptions are definitely within reach if you are somebody pursuing smoking cessation.

Smoking remains one of the most common addictions out there. It’s not just the addictive nicotine component that is the problem, however. The other chemicals emitted from a cigar or cigarette are what’s predominately causing the harm.

But, it can be so hard to quit. Instead of going cold turkey, substitutes such as nicotine gums, nicotine patches, and vaping all exist to help ease the quitting process. The newest and most effective of these substitutes is using vapes or e-cigarettes.

Can Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

In a recent Cochrane Review, that included 63 trials and more than 41,000 individuals, the results highlighted that only 14% of individuals were able to quit smoking for six months or longer by using either nicotine gums, patches, or lozenges. When using both combined, this number went up to 17% which is quite significant but is still a relatively low chance of success.

Recent emerging studies suggest that vaping can be, on average, twice as effective for quitting smoking as the other substitutes out there.

Vaping is definitely the closest method to imitating smoking. It brings the oral stimulus, inhalation, and the smoke-like vapour that every smoker looks for. Additionally, studies looking at the harmfulness of vaping found it to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

It is important to note that vaping is not completely harmless, and it is not recommended to start vaping if you aren’t already a smoker. But, vaping instead of smoking does greatly reduce the chance of smoking related medical conditions like heart attacks, strokes, asthma and emphysema.

This information is all really positive if you are looking to quit smoking. However, it is illegal to use, sell or buy nicotine for vaping to any individual in Australia without a prescription. With the exception of Western Australia, each state and territory allow the sale of vapes and e-cigarettes, but not the sale or purchase of liquid cartridges that contain nicotine.

So, all nicotine-based vaping products need to be obtained through a prescription that a doctor has prescribed.

How To Access A Prescription In Australia

The main reason that a doctor would write you a prescription for nicotine vape products is to assist with quitting smoking. The idea is that you replace the nicotine in cigarettes by vaping with a liquid that also contains nicotine.

Vaping is more likely to be effective for smokers who have tried conventional therapies first but are unsuccessful. Your regular GP is a great resource to help you quit smoking, and is always the best initial point of contact. However, if you’re struggling to get in to see your GP, or prefer the convenience and discreteness of using an online service, Quit Clinics can help. All Quit Clinics doctors are Authorised Prescribers of nicotine vaping products.

Nicotine prescriptions have a variety of ranges but all nicotine prescriptions from Quit Clinics last for the maximum length of 12 months.

Getting Your Prescription Filled

Once you have been prescribed nicotine products by an Australian doctor, you have two options. The first is to have your prescription filled by an Australian pharmacy, by taking it there in person, or asking your doctor to send it directly to a pharmacy of your choice.

Unfortunately, because nicotine regulations are new, the majority of Australian pharmacies do not stock nicotine vaping products. Or if they do, e-liquid options are limited.

The most hassle-free option is to buy a nicotine-based vape or vape liquid from an online retailer like VAPEBOX. Simply upload your nicotine prescription and you will be eligible to buy products containing nicotine. Then, you just need to select what you want, process the order and we’ll do the rest!

Alternatively, you can email your prescription to Then, our products can be hastily sent out to you using DHL Express shipping.

So, are you looking to quit smoking for good and want to try vaping as a means of smoking cessation?

Then, look no further than VAPEBOX for your nicotine needs.

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