Vaping Terms 101: The Words You Need To Know

The world of vaping is constantly expanding, and that means the vaping “dictionary” is too!

If you haven’t studied the lingo yet or you’re just joining the scene, it may seem like a lot of the vaping terms used are straight from your average sci-fi novella!
Here at VAPEBOX, we plan to demystify a lot of these terms for you to help ease your transition into sustainably vaping.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common vaping terms to get you started.

Vaping Terms 101: The Words You Need to Know

Beginner Terms – What’s in My Device, How Does It Work?


The atomiser is generally contained within a metal housing that is screwed into the battery box. On a smaller vape, this is more disguised. But on a bigger vape, this is the small cylinder that plugs into the wider box. This atomiser contains the coil, wick and mesh bridge which work together to heat up your vape juice to the temperature of vaporisation.

So basically, it gets your device ready to inhale from.


Like many other electronic devices, your vape contains a battery. This battery is responsible for powering the heating element which leads into your atomiser to turn the vape juice into an inhalable vapour.


Many vapes contain a coil, which is vital in the vaporising process. The coil is a wire that creates an electrical circuit that purposely leaks heat within the device. Often, this coil is made out of Nichrome or Kanthal wire. In certain devices, you will need to replace the coil at the end of its life.


MTL is an acronym that stands for ‘mouth to lung’, a style of vaping that closely imitates the inhalation of smoking. Typically, vapour is drawn into the mouth first then is transferred into the lungs this way.

Nic Salts

Nic Salts are a type of vape juice that contains nicotine. They are usually found in small bottles at your nearest vape store.

Nicotine salts have been pH balanced to closely resemble the form of nicotine found in a tobacco leaf and shares a similar absorption profile. That means it will be absorbed into the bloodstream quicker than usual freebase vape juices. Using these juices usually culminates in needing to vape less often and getting a more satisfying vape hit each puff.

The only drawback is that you should never use these nic salt juices in sub-ohm devices (usually the big vapes) because they administer more power than the nic salt vape juice is designed for. Nic salt juices are better used in smaller devices.


Ohms is a unit that is used when measuring resistance. The general scientific terms relates to vaping devices also. For a vape, the thicker your coil is, the electricity will experience a lower resistance as there is more room within the coil for it to flow. But, the thinner your coil, the higher the resistance is.

Coils with low resistance (like the thick coils found in sub-ohm devices) produce the most vapour/flavour because you can heat up the coil faster and hotter. A thin resistance coil, often seen in beginner devices, means you don’t need much power to heat up the coil. The drawback is that less power means less vapour.


A pod can refer to a couple of things. Firstly, it sometimes refers to a Pod Vape which is a compact vape that uses disposable pods. These devices typically fit snugly within two fingers with the intention of replicating what it feels like to hold a cigarette.

But a pod can also be the term used to describe juice-containing vessels. These vessels typically contain a coil and vape juice, and can either be refillable or pre-filled and disposable.


Tanks are the containers that hold your juice. They are often differentiated from a pod as they typically hold more juice and are integrated with your atomiser and coil on a large device.

Intermediate Terms – You’re Familiar with the Basics

All Day Vape

A lot of vape juice is either too sweet, too rich, or too menthol-cold for one to vape all day. So, the term ‘all day vape’ or ‘ADV’ refers to the juice that hits that perfect sweet spot and can be vaped all day without the user getting sick of it.

Rebuildable Atomiser

Rebuildable atomisers vary in design. The main principle is that these are like normal atomisers, but they are not made for the pre-built coils you buy in packets, but rather, coils you make at home. These rebuildables incorporate this by having areas where you can screw in wicks, string through cotton, and set up a coil yourself to save money in the long run.


PG refers to ‘propylene glycol’ and will often be written as a ratio alongside VG (e.g., 70/30% ratio). PG is one of the two base substances that are used in vape juice and this substance gives the e-liquid its flavour and a stronger throat hit.


VG refers to ‘vegetable glycerin’ and is the second typical base substance used to make up vape juice. A higher VG ratio is responsible for a smoother hit of the vape and bigger clouds produced.

Vaper’s Tongue

All good things must come to an end. This phrase refers to the experience a lot of people have when vaping the same individual flavour for a prolonged period. It is a sort of fatigue of the mind as you become used to the flavour and you may eventually feel like you can’t taste it at all, or the vape juice flavour has become unpleasant.

This can often be mitigated by changing your vape juice flavour every couple of days, as well as rigorously brushing your tongue with a toothbrush if you feel like it won’t go away.

So, now that you are clued up on the vaping terms, it’s time to use your new knowledge to shop freely! Head over to our store now to grab what you need to vape to your heart’s content.

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