What are Pods and Pod Mods

What is a closed pod system?

The difference between a closed pod system and an open pod system is that a closed pod system is not refillable. While the device is reusable, the pods come pre-filled with juice, rather than filling it yourself. When the pod runs out, you simply change the pod.


  • Don’t have to buy juice separately
  • Isn’t messy
  • You don’t need to change coils
  • The device is reusable
  • Discreet – these devices don’t product big clouds
  • Smaller and more compact

Pod Mods vs Mods

Pod mods are a combination of pods and mods – which is obvious from the name. The difference between a pod mod and a mod is that pod mods are used for a higher intake of nicotine and don’t usually produce as much vapour, whereas mods are used for a bigger cloud, and can be customized (e.g. the wattage can be changed) and require tanks, coils and batteries. Most mods come in kits that have all these items to make it easier for first time (or even existing) vapers. Pod mods, on the other hand are more user friendly as they don’t have a tank, just a pod that can simply be clipped on (as it will magnetically attach) and refilled. Pod Mods still require coils and most of these pod mods like the SMOK RPM80 have batteries that are built in, others like the Voopoo Drag X require the battery to be purchased separately.  


RELX is the newest addition to the VAPEBOX family. Both their classic devices and their infinity devices are closed pod system. Below is a quick guide for you to use when buying your Relx device. Most of the pods contain 3% (which is 30mg) nicotine and are available in a range of delicious flavours. The only two flavours that contain 5% (50mg) are Menthol Plus (Infinity pods) and Mint (Classic pods).

Classic Pods

The classic pods are specifically designed for the Relx Classic device, while we don’t stock it here at VAPEBOX we do sell the classic pods for those who already have the classic devices, as this was the first pod systems that Relx released. The Classic pods are sold in packs of three.

Infinity Pods

The infinity pods are designed for the Relx Infinity device, these pods are available in 7 different flavours. Both the Infinity device and Infinity pods are sold here at VAPEBOX. These pods are sold singularly. These devices are available in black, red, gold and silver.

Infinity Pod Flavours

Golden Slice – The perfect way to describe this delicious mango flavour.
Garden’s Heart – A classic strawberry flavour.  
Fresh Red - Watermelon Menthol, a combination of mint and fruit.
Dark Sparkle A refreshing cola flavour.  
Tangy Purple – Grape, a tangy, fruity flavour.
Ludou Ice – A dessert flavour inspired by an Asian delicacy.  
Menthol Plus - Icy Menthol, a refreshingly minty flavour. 

Disposable Pods

Disposable pods, also very popular amongst vapers and ex-smokers alike, are also similar to the closed pod system. However, disposable pods can only be used once – that means once you are done with it, you throw the whole thing out. These are quite popular as they’re very affordable at only $10-11 each and have a great shelf life. You can get up to 1000 puffs (depending on the device) out of them. The benefits of the disposable pods are that they are very simple to use, there is no need to turn them off or on, you do not have to refill them, and they are quite small and compact (around the size of a pen). Cali Bar Disposable Pod and Nasty Fix are both disposable pods, each available in a range of flavours and can be found on our website.