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unflavoured nicotine

    Unflavoured Nicotine


    Sourced from the best suppliers globally, this unflavoured nicotine e-liquid is best for use when being added to a vape juice with low nicotine content. For assistance mixing your E-Liquid and Nicotine, use this online Nicotine Calculator.

    WARNING: If you like waiting ages for your Nicotine to arrive in Australia, this may not be for you, as we ship our Nicotine faster than you can say a dingo stole ya baby. Even if you're in the outback hunting Croc's we'll still deliver 8 times faster than an underarm bowl. Basically, we deliver FAST!



    Warning: This product is intended only for diluted use with an e-liquid, not to be vaped alone. Do not make contact with skin, if you do you must wash immediately. Always wear nitrile gloves when combining your nicotine with e-liquid.



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