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Benefits of Choosing Vapebox for All Your Vaping Needs

When you need high-quality e cigarette vaping products and a customer service experience that will make you want to come back, make sure you visit Just like your favorite vape, every session you enjoy on our site is smooth, satisfying, and puts you in a great mood too.

If you’re ready to enjoy some of the best electronic cigarette vape experiences you’ll ever have in Australia and New Zealand, as well as timely delivery and secure online transactions, shop with today. We’re proud to be your reliable source for E-liquids, atomizers and vaping mods, and more!

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Your Trusted Vape Shop in NZ

VapeBox is a leading vape shop in New Zealand, dedicated to providing an exceptional vaping experience to enthusiasts and beginners alike. Our extensive range of high-quality e-cigarette vaping products, vapes, e-liquids, and accessories caters to every individual's unique tastes and preferences. We understand that vaping is more than just a habit; it's a lifestyle choice. That's why we stock a wide selection of top notch vaping devices from renowned brands, ensuring that you have access to the latest technology and innovations in he vaping industry. We offer fast and reliable delivery across New Zealand & Australia, ensuring that you receive your vaping products promptly and securely. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide exceptional service. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting your vaping journey, VapeBox is your one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs!

The Best Vaping Products in New Zealand

When you need high-quality e cigarette vaping products and the convenience of delivery to your door, is where you’ll find everything you’re looking for. You can count on our commitment to quality and a superior catalog of vape supplies, vape juice, and mods to deliver a electronic cigarette vaping experience you simply won’t find anywhere else. Unlike other online and brick and mortar tobacco stores who simply stock any products a sales rep pushes their way, we’re proud to say that we personally test every product before we list it for sale on our online vape store. By taking that extra time to personally vet products before we make them available to you, we know that’s dedication that will pay off in every smooth inhale you enjoy.

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Disposable vapes have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among those who are new to vaping. As the name suggests, disposable vapes are single-use devices that come pre-filled with e-liquid and are designed to be thrown away once the liquid runs out or the battery dies.

These vapes don’t have a high learning curve and are extremely convenient. You literally grab it and go! Our devices come with a built-in battery and are pre-filled with a selection of different e-liquid flavours.

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What’s your favorite flavor of E-liquid? If you’re not sure yet, you’re in luck: here at, we have heaps of options to sample in our flavor categories. Start out with some traditional tobacco flavors, try a few dessert flavors, indulge in fruity flavors, or get a little daring with some ice flavors.

Some popular customer favorites from our e-liquid lines include strawberry, vanilla, menthol, cheesecake and berry crumble. Our large variety of E-liquid flavors lets you find the right e-liquid to satisfy your cravings, whether they’re for a mellow, traditional vape session or a hit that goes straight for your sweet tooth. Each flavor is personally tested by our staff members to ensure consistency and quality, right down to the last drop.

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Nic Salts

Nicotine Salts

If you’re looking for a smoother hit, improved satisfaction and a richer flavor, our nicotine salts are the perfect solution. Nic salts are a smart choice for cigarette smokers who smoke more than a pack a day and are also looking for a smokeless alternative to lighting up a cigarette.

You don’t have to sacrifice flavor to enjoy a higher nicotine content, either: you can choose from delicious options like strawberry, grape, sorbet, mango, apple and spearmint. On the hunt for a more traditional flavor? We also offer sweet tobacco nic salts for those who are looking for a true “cigarette” taste.

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Unflavored Nicotine

Do your own e-liquid and nicotine mixing? Let us help you create the blend of your dreams! We offer premium unflavored nicotine that you can mix with your favorite e-juice for a completely custom vaping experience.

Not sure where to start? Check out our nicotine calculator to help you achieve your ideal dosage.

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Vaping Mods

Half the fun of the vaping experience is the mods, right? Check out our great line of vaping mods, including the popular SMOK G-PRIV, SMOK Mag Grip kit and Max kit and the SMOK Nord kit. Each of these vaping mods is designed to provide you a smooth, satisfying experience anywhere you vape, and come in a size small enough to fit in your pocket when not in use.

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Vaping Atomizers

Do you love lots of flavor, lots of vapor, or a smooth combination of both? The key to finding the right mix for your palate and preferences is a high quality atomizer. For most vapers, the atomizer of choice is a SMOK tank, a brand which offers high quality, durable components that you can count on to give you a satisfying hit of nicotine and flavor every time.

SMOK tanks come with everything you need to enjoy your favorite flavor of e-juice, including a tank, preinstalled mesh coil, protective silicone sleeve, glass tube replacement and a user manual. And if you ever need replacement parts for your SMOK tank, look no further than our site: carries everything you need to keep your atomizer (as well as the rest of your vape) working flawlessly.

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Cotton and Coils

Cotton and Coils

Want to turn a great vaping experience into an incredible one? Make sure you’re picking up the right cotton and replacement coils for your vape model. When it comes to great cotton, we give you premium choices, such as COTN threads and the extremely popular cotton bacon. Both of these cotton choices are not only easy to use, they’re also made with 100 percent organic materials so that nothing comes between you and your favorite vape juice.

Of course, you’ll also need the right coils in order to provide you with a smooth hit of nicotine and flavor. Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! Our online vape store offers several varieties of SMOK coils and replacement coils, including the Nord replacement and Baby V2 and Q4 coils, just to name a few.

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Batteries and Chargers

There’s nothing worse than craving a satisfying vape session only to find out that your vape pen is out of juice - of the electric variety, not the flavored kind. Don’t get caught with a dead vape: visit our site to pick up the right batteries, chargers, or spares for your atomizer, mod or vape pen. Here at, we offer our customers in New Zealand and Australia better power options, such as Samsung brand vaping batteries and NiteCore chargers so that you always have a fresh supply of batteries when you need them.

If you want to be sure you’re always ready to enjoy your vape, we recommend picking up two sets of batteries with any vape pen purchase: one set for the pen or atomizer, and one set that stays on the charger to be swapped out as needed.

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Batteries and Chargers